Sleep Problems Can Tear Couples Apart

A growing body of research has clearly demonstrated that sleep plays a significant role in promoting good health. Studies have linked insufficient sleep to cancer, dementia, diabetes and other diseases. Now researchers have shown that sleep deprivation can also make our relationships less healthy.

Promoting Closeness

Cosmopolitan magazine recently published an article detailing a pair of studies which indicate that insufficient sleep can contribute to relationship troubles. According to the popular women’s publication, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, used two separate studies to show that sufficient sleep promoted feelings of gratitude between couples, while inadequate sleep causes people to feel less appreciative toward their partners.

When Sleep Issues Build Resentment

Because inadequate sleep causes daytime drowsiness and fatigue; it’s easy to see how it can promote feelings of negativity that could impact a relationship. Additionally, sleep issues can also play a big role in tearing couples apart. Other studies have shown that nearly 50 percent of all Americans share a bed with a snorer. This can seriously harm a relationship by creating resentful feelings; it can even prompt some partners to choose to sleep in separate rooms.

Making Changes

As couples begin to see how sleep problems can impact their relationships, they should make positive lifestyle changes that promote closeness by helping them get more shuteye. This may include eating better, exercising more and avoiding e-readers, laptops and smartphones close to bedtime. That said, snorers generally need more help.

Although it can stem from other causes, snoring is often a sign of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA): a serious disorder that demands an effective treatment. Fortunately, Dr. Siegel offers his patients relief from OSA symptoms, including frequent waking, chronic fatigue and snoring. To learn how oral sleep appliances can free you and your partner from sleep apnea-related snoring, contact his office today.

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