Inadequate Sleep Linked to Dementia

Most of us understand that inadequate sleep can make it difficult for us to perform, whether we are work or in school; however, a new study indicates that it may also negatively impact our cognitive abilities as we age.

Dementia and Insufficient Sleep

A study out of the Washington University School of Medicine indicates that inadequate sleep could be linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

To reach their findings, researchers tested mice to find out if insufficient sleep would increase the presence of amyloid beta in their cerebrospinal fluid. Amyloid beta is a component of amyloid plaque, which has been associated with the disease. In the end, the study discovered that less sleep resulted in higher levels of amyloid beta, which seems to suggest that sleep helps to ward off dementia in some way.

What if You Have Sleep Apnea?

Since breathing disruptions tend to keep them awake at night, sleep apneics often experience long periods of sleep deprivation. This latest research has combined with countless other studies to paint a grim future for people who continue to suffer with symptoms without seeking help.

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