Could Your Snoring Result in Divorce?

Often, people have trouble sleeping because a partner keeps them awake, either by tossing and turning, pulling covers or snoring. Sadly, these difficulties can cause problems within relationships, leading couples to become combative and even break up altogether. In fact, this issue is so serious and widespread, at least one expert says it should prompt couples to agree to so-called “sleep divorce.”

Interesting Theory

Separate beds (photo by FASTILY)Research indicates that couples who share a bed suffer through 50 percent more sleep problems in relation to single people who sleep alone. According to British sleep expert, Neil Stanley, the vast majority of romantic partners would be closer if they slept in their own individual beds or bedrooms.

Former Chairman of the British Sleep Society, Stanley now travels the world giving lectures on sleep. In his belief, co-sleeping has the power to destroy relationships by building resentment. While he admits his theories may sound extreme to traditionalists, he strongly believes that sleep divorce can actually strengthen relationships by eliminating common feelings of discontent related to sleep disturbances.

A Common Problem

Research indicates that as much as a quarter of all couples already sleep in separate beds. Other studies have determined that people do tend to enjoy a higher quality of sleep when they are alone; however, more often than not, this is because one partner has particular tendencies that disturb the other’s sleep.

Maintaining that Connection

Unfortunately, studies indicate that nearly 50 percent of Americans share a bed with someone who snores. Since they are desperate to save their relationships by getting more sleep, many couples think they have little choice but to get their own beds or rooms. That said, in many instances, there’s a much better solution.

Many times, snoring is just a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea, which can also promote frequent waking and tossing and turning. Fortunately, Dr. Siegel offers his patients sleep apnea relief using oral appliances which also eliminate snoring.

You don’t have to sacrifice your closeness by sleeping away from your partner. Contact Dr. Siegel to learn how a simple oral appliance can allow you to sleep comfortably and quietly with your partner by your side.

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